Spiced Halloumi Fries, Easy Marinara Dipping Sauce

Everyone’s been in the position before where friends have popped around for a cuppa and stayed longer than expected leading to the eventuality of making some snacks for guests. This recipe uses one of the greatest Cypriot exports; Halloumi. Use good quality halloumi, it makes a difference. The dipping sauce goes great with meatballs and… Continue reading Spiced Halloumi Fries, Easy Marinara Dipping Sauce

Free Summer Recipe!!!

With summer finally reaching the North East this week, here’s a perfect recipe to enjoy with a good glass of dry white wine. Baked Seabass with Caponata – Serves 2 For the Fish 2 x 200g Seabass Fillets 1 Lemon, Juice Only Salt & Pepper For the Caponata 1 Aubergine, peeled and chopped 1 Red… Continue reading Free Summer Recipe!!!