Who would be my Dinner Party Guests If I had a time machine…

How many times have you been asked the question, Who would you have as dinner party guests if you could invite anyone?

For me it isn’t an easy answer but I’ve tried to narrow it down to myself, my wife and six others so that the table doesn’t get too crowded!!!

Winston Churchill – The Greatest Briton of All Time, he defeated Hitler, had a great palate, smoked Cigars and drank Champagne.

Gordon Ramsay – Intelligent, Creative, Unpretentious. Tells it like it is. I read his autobiography in under 4 hours

Barack Obama – So he’s the leader of the states, cool as ice, smooth as silk, a musician, a sports fan and a family man. Changed America for the better.

Marilyn Monroe – What was the lady behind the beauty and glamour really like?

Ian Fleming – The man behind the greatest secret agent. After seeing a drama about him recently, I would love to know more of his real life.

Beyoncé – One of the most influential people in the world today. Mother, Wife, Fashionista, Queen of Entertainment industry, Philanthropist and many more things aside, I’m sure she would have plenty of stories.

There’d be plenty of drinks flowing, meat and vegetarian options, some coffee and cognacs in a drawing room afterwards.

Who would you have at your dinner party?