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Learning Food Photography From A Pro Food Photography Workshop @ San Lorenzo, Gosforth

One of my goals is to improve the shots I’m taking as they are now being used not just by my business but other businesses too.

I recently found out via a Facebook group I’m a member of that, local photographer Chris Ord was hosting a food photography workshop at San Lorenzo in Gosforth.

With that in mind, I booked on the workshop and headed along to San Lorenzo on Gosforth High Street on a hot July morning.

I had never been in San Lorenzo despite previously living in Gosforth for a couple of years. It’s a really smart space inside and every member of staff I interacted with today were friendly, polite and welcoming.

Chris introduced himself and the workshop and he was very engaging from the start. The focus of the course was how best to use natural light when shooting, managing aperture speeds, iso and using light reflectors to get the best shot and a lot more in between.

After a small amount of theory, we got stuck in taking some shots of the food that was cooked by the staff at San Lorenzo, which smelled and looked great. It was good to use our own kit to work with as it meant I could get a better understanding of my camera. (A big thing is to take the lens cap off before starting to take shots, I’ll not make that mistake again… haha.)

The dishes we photographed had different textures, colours, plating styles, shapes, and sizes; so, it was invaluable learning about angling the shot correctly.

We also got to ask Chris lots of questions about software, equipment, props that can be used. No question went unanswered from the workshop and Chris was a great teacher throughout.

Once all the photos were taken, and the workshop was drawing to a close, we got to eat the food; it tasted great. I’d highly recommend Chris for teaching you about photography if it’s something you are interested in as the cost of the workshop today was very reasonable.

Here are a couple of shots I took from today’s workshop, let me know what you think, in the comments below.


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